Thursday, September 9, 2010

GRP All-Star Big Band

Lately, the editorial staff at JazzProfiles has had a craving for big bands and since we have always enjoyed this version of Dizzy's Manteca by the GRP All-Star Big Band from their 10th anniversary CD, we thought we'd post a video of it to satisfy our appetite. Bob Mintzer did the arrangement. The flute solo is by Dave Valentin [1:30], the percussion soloist is Alex Acuna [3:04], Arturo Sandoval and Randy Brecker share the trumpet solos [3:21], Dave Weckl follows with drum breaks [4:46] and the late Kenny Kirkland closes it out on piano [5:02]. If you experience a technical glitch while viewing the video, trying playing it at 480p instead of 360p or click on this link to watch it on YouTube: