Monday, September 20, 2010

Thomas Andersen - Jazz Artist - Music by Phil Woods

About Tom

Thomas Andersen spent his early years in Denmark before migrating with his family to Australia. He is a painter, sculptor and designer, having worked for the British Museum of Natural History, the University of Aarhus in Denmark and the Tasmanian museum. He has held forty eight solo exhibitions of his work and now lives in the foothills of Mount Wellington, Tasmania where he continues to paint for exhibitions in USA and Europe.

Painting influences

European myths, legends and jazz have been major themes. Tom, in the tradition of a long line of story-tellers has produced many art works which illustrate the fabulous worlds of the imagination or eternal themes, from ancient universal traditions and, of course music. His paintings are often tableaux with the actors in scenes and situations, but the artist is more interested in their physical and emotional circumstances than in making moral judgements.

His people have gentle rounded lines, rhythms run through the compositions and rich and sombre tones are lightened by flashes of colour – you may be reminded of stained glass windows. The canvas is often composed of coloured elements, separate but combining for the story. The fusion of wonderful colours and semi-abstraction appeals to art lovers of all ages.

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Alto saxophonist Phil Woods is joined by bassist Charlie Haden and drummer Marvin "Smitty" Smith along with Hilton Ruiz on piano and Art Farmer on trumpet on this version of Charlie Parker's blues entitled Barbados.