Sunday, January 16, 2011

Let’s Be Frank [Rosolino] About It

© -Steven Cerra, copyright protected; all rights reserved.

Let’s be frank about it, you couldn’t help smiling when in the presence of the late trombonist, Frank Rosolino.

Evidence to this effect can be see in this photograph with me beginning to smile from a joke Frank had just cracked a moment before the shutter snapped


Frank’s humor was irresistible and warm: he made you laugh and you felt good about the laughter because it was drawn from quips and jokes that were not directed in any way so as to hurt others.

In August 2008, the editorial staff at JazzProfiles prepared an earlier feature on Frank in tandem with trombonist J.J. Johnson which you can locate by going here.

You can also view this profile sans photos and album covers by scrolling down to the bottom of the columnar or left hand side of the blog.

When we prepared the earlier piece, the following video tribute to Frank had not as yet been developed by the masterful graphics production team at CerraJazz LTD.

The audio track is the beautiful ballad Violets which Frank performs with Holland’s Metropole Orchestra, Joop de Roo conducting.