Thursday, July 19, 2012

Martijn van Iterson: The Whole Bunch

Dutch guitarist Martijin van Iterson has always impressed me as someone who phrases in the style of Jim Hall while using the technique of Pat Martino, a very difficult blending of approaches to super-impose on this extremely, unforgiving instrument.

Rene' Steenhorst, Jazz reporter of De Telegraaf newspaper has said of him: "Martijn is a man of few words. That's just the way he is. He prefers to express himself by way of his music. In melodies, themes and grooves. In it he can express nearly everything. This is how he tells us what he wants to, reflecting the color of his emotions."

A former student of the legendary guitarist Wim Overgauuw [he still plays the Gibson ES-125 guitar that Wim gave him as a gift], Martijn says of his nature: "I'm somewhat turned in on myself. That's true of many guitar players. I'm a bit of an introvert."

If you are not familiar with Martijn's guitar playing, you can check it out on the following video. The audio track is comprised of his composition - The Whole Bunch - on which he is joined by three, exceptional musicians: pianist Karel Boehlee, bassist Frans van Geest and drummer Martijn Vink.