Monday, May 20, 2013

Meet Robb Cappelletto - !!!

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The editorial staff at JazzProfiles enjoys learning about new musicians who help move the music forward in the sense of adding new dimensions to it.

Such was the case recently when Chris DiGirolamo of TwoForTheShow Media sent us guitarist Robb Cappelleto’s debut CD entitled !!! along with the following press release.

“The Robb Cappelletto Group releases debut recording -!!!

!!! is the driving debut recording from Canadian Guitarist Robb Cappelletto and his group. The recording simply titled "!!!" shows the remarkable talent that Cappelletto poses as a guitarist and composer. Aside from Jobim's Corcovado and Cole Porter’s It's All Right With Me, the recording clearly shows off the compositional brilliance of this young guitar slinger. A unique tone, a fresh approach and pure emotion towards his playing make !!! one of the best guitar releases of 2013! Robb Cappelletto is the complete guitarist and this new release shows you why!

Robb Cappelletto - Guitars - Jon Maharaj - Bass - Amhed Mitchel - Drums

About Robb Cappelletto:

Robb Cappelletto is a guitarist who believes in aggressive rhythm and melodies that stick; he does not make music that sounds like math. His interests are jazz, polar bears and hot rods—in that order—and grew up listening to progressive metal as much as Wes Montgomery and Buddy Guy. He earned a Masters degree in composition from York University, and is on faculty there as an instructor today. Robb currently lives in Toronto with his wife and cat. !!! is the debut recording for the Robb Cappelletto Group.

Available on CD Baby and iTUNES”

Robb Cappelletto has a website – - on which you can learn more about him, find out about forthcoming show dates, the gear he uses, as well as, order the  debut CD.

The more you explore the music on this CD, the more it will move your ears in new directions.

Mr. Cappelletto’s music is an example of syncretism in that it attempts to reconcile and/or unite different and sometimes opposing elements into a new musical form. It has a warmth and a zest to it, both of which are made all the more compelling by the obvious commitment of the musicians who play it.

It takes a certain courage to seek out new, musical horizons, and this is what the musicians on this recording have done.

You have not heard Mr. Cappelletto’s music before.

What’s on offer in !!! is an exciting adventure – a new musical experience.

I certainly hope that it is just the beginning and that there will be more of Mr. Cappelletto’s music on offer in the future.

Here’s an audio-only example of the Robb Cappelletto Group at work. It will provide you with an idea of his unique approach to guitar and his style of contemporary music.

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