Monday, September 3, 2012

Van Ruller, Roelofs, Van der Feen Performing "Circles"

The Chambertones are a trio without drums whose name says it all. It explores chamber music, and is both melodic and modest. All three musicians are seasoned veterans on the international jazz circuit and are all bandleaders and composers in their own right.
The trio’s music is sensitive, warm and provides a great deal of room for each of the three instruments to explore their individual sounds at great length. Their music is all about exploring the full range of the sound of wood. Original tunes and musical motifs are rendered in subtly interwoven tapestries of sound.
Their recently released album The Ninth Planet is available as both an audio CD and an Mp3 download.
“With fantastic compositions they swirl around one other in a self created world that feels like a warm blanket. – Daily national newspaper de Volkskrant  “A superb trio of distinct and adventurous personalities who hopefully have entered into an intense, and long-lasting relation.” - Trouw.

Jesse van Ruller - guitar, Joris Roelofs - clarinet and bass clarinet, Clemens van der Feen-double bass.

Stay with this one ... these guys can play. Shades of Jimmy Giuffre.