Monday, December 27, 2010

The Music of Horace Silver

In our earlier feature on Horace which you can locate here, the editorial staff at JazzProfiles commented: "Put directly, I find the music of Horace Silver irresistible. When I listen to it, I feel happy, joyous and free." 

Swingin' the Samba, as Horace points out, is "a legitimate samba all the way through, on a minor theme. I was particularly happy with the way this came out and hope something happens with it. The melody is very simple and it swings nicely, I think, with good solos. We have a little eight-bar thing going with the drums that's used before and after the opening theme and again after the solos. This may seem a little tricky to follow at first, because the release, between the two 16-bar passages, is just six bars long; so the chorus runs 16-6-16."

See how you feel about Horace's music after viewing the following video tribute to him.