Thursday, November 10, 2011

Remembering the Lighthouse Café – A Photographic Essay

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We try to pay as much attention to “the look” of the blog as we do about its contents.

After all, the site is part of a visual medium and the overall enjoyment of the pieces that appear on it should be enhanced by appropriate, absorbing and artistic images and graphics.

So, when it recently came to the attention of the editorial staff of JazzProfiles that the famed Lighthouse Café on 30 Pier Avenue in Hermosa Beach, CA was scheduled to undergo a major renovation under its new ownership, we thought it might be fun to  develop the following photographic retrospective of the famed club as sort of a “the-way-we-were” moment.

Most of these snaps are from the “glory days” of the club, ca. 1949-1969, when it was a leading contributor to the West Coast Jazz sounds.

You can access our previous written previous feature on the Lighthouse Café by going here.

Our video tribute to the club and the musicians who performed there over the years can be found at the conclusion of this piece.