Wednesday, July 4, 2018

A Message from JazzProfiles

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Beginning with the recent feature on Gil Evans by Charles Fox, henceforth, JazzProfiles will issue new postings on a weekly rather than a daily basis.

This will enable the editorial staff to return to the original premise for the blog - in depth or “Focused Profiles on Jazz and its Creators while also Featuring the Work of Guest Writers and Critics on the Subject of Jazz.”

It takes time to develop these longer pieces and the requirements of daily postings detract from the time necessary to research, develop and write the bigger features replete with images and the audio visual materials that demonstrate the actual music under discussion.

Originally, the whole point of the site was to memorialize Jazz musicians by collecting and editing writings about them. A weekly format will allow for the time to do this properly.

I will continued to post “Featured Articles” in the sidebar as well as maintain the listing of “10 Most Popular Posts” which reflect what visitors to the site are reading. And, of course, you are welcome to use the blog archive to search for materials and topics that may be of special interest to you. After ten years and over 2,000 postings, there’s quite a lot of Jazz stuff for you to dig through.

The weekly format will also provide extra time for the development of visual montages made up of photographs, cover art illustrations and other graphics set to an audio track as there is a great deal of music in the office that has never been released commercially which can be made available to you in this way.

These completed videos will also be available on my YouTube channel. Don't be surprised if you see new videos or previously developed ones appearing on the blog while we are at work crafting more elaborate profiles.

If you have any questions or concerns about this change in format please feel free to write me a

My thanks to those who, over the years, have sent along words of encouragement and support regarding my efforts on the JazzProfiles blog.

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