Saturday, December 21, 2019

Gerry Mulligan - K-4 Pacific.wmv

"K-4 Pacific" went through so many iterations after Gerry Mulligan composed it in 1971 - Octet [1974 reunion concert with Chet Baker], quartet with pianist Bill Mays, Bill Charlap, and Ted Rosenthal, reconstituted Concert Jazz Band, symphonic version with LA Philharmonic [Zubin Mehta] and Houston Symphony [Erich Kuntzel] - that few remember its origins from Gerry's entry into the Jazz-Rock Fusion era with his 1972 Age of Steam A&M LP.
Tom Scott's featured on a wicked soprano sax solo and Roger Kellaway is his usual, splendidly surprising self on piano.
Joe Porcaro boots things along in the drum chair with Emil Richards offering percussion effects.
Stick around for the exciting shout chorus.
From the rich Jazz heritage that was Gerry Mulligan.