Friday, August 18, 2023

"There'll Be Some Changes Made"


Beginning August 1st and continuing on a twice-a-week basis throughout that month, JazzProfiles will be reposting the work of guest writer Steve Siegel.

With previous features on pianist Wade Legge, the Great Day in Harlem Photograph “Mystery Man” - William J. Crump, drummer Frankie Dunlop, vocalist Jimmy Rushing, critic and author Nat Hentoff, and Jazz Party: A Great Night In Manhattan featuring the Miles Davis Sextet, the Duke Ellington Orchestra, the September 9, 1958 fest that Columbia Records put on at the Plaza Hotel for its executives and guests, Dupree Bolton and Helen Merrill, over the past few years, Steve Siegel has assumed the role of “unofficial” staff writer for JazzProfiles.

These “from the Archives” Siegel features will serve two purposes: [1] to highlight once again Steve’s fine writing for those readers of the blog who might have missed it and [2] allow me time to proofread and edit the forthcoming publication A Gerry Mulligan Reader: Writings on a Jazz Original, as well as, make the conversion to Substack as a parallel, online publishing platform.

Ultimately, postings to JazzProfiles will be available free of charge to readers while, after an initial maiden voyage of a couple of months, the pieces that appear on Substack will be for paid subscriptions only.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding while the “editorial staff” tackles these projects and conversions.