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A Bill Evans Reader - For Your Consideration

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A Bill Evans Reader containing thirty essays, interviews and insert notes abstracts is now available on as a paperback and an eBook.

I hope you will consider purchasing a copy as after the initial publication costs have been met, fifty percent of all profits will be donated to local music programs for the purchase of instruments for individual students and school music programs.

Here’s the Table of Contents to give you an idea of what’s included in the Bill Evans Reader.


Introduction: p. 4

Prologue: BILL EVANS - A PERSON I KNEW by Brian Hennessey, Jazz Journal International, March/October 1985), pp.7-18.

Chapter 1. Bill Evans: The Complete Riverside Recordings by Orrin Keepnews, pp. 19-35.

Chapter 2 Homage to Bill Evans in The Complete Riverside Recordings by Martin Wlliams, pp. 36-46. 

Chapter 3. Inside the New Bill Evans Trio with Gene Lees, pp. 47-52.

Chapter 4. Time Remembered: A 1965 Interview with Jean-Louis Ginibre, pp 53-60.

Chapter 5. New Conceptions: When George Russell Met Bill Evans - Peter Pettinger, pp. 61-66.

Chapter 6. Rare interview with Bill Evans recounts the story of Miles Davis and Kind of Blue, pp. 67-75.

Chapter 7. Bill Evans - Intellect, Emotion, Communication - By Don Nelsen, pp. 76-82. 

Chapter 8. Bill Evans - Romantic Agony by Whitney Balliett, pp. 83-85.

Chapter 9. Bill Evans - The Art of Playing - Dan Morgenstern, pp. 86-91.

Chapter 10. Bill Evans - The Ralph J. Gleason Interview, pp. 92-103.

Chapter 11. Bill Evans - "The Interplay Sessions" - Orrin Keepnews, pp. 104-110.

Chapter 12. "Bill Evans’s Influential Interplay" by John Edward Hasse, pp. 111-113.

Chapter 13. Bill Evans: Tales - Live in Copenhagen (1964) Elemental CD 5990445" - Zev Feldman. Pp. 114-121.

Chapter 14. Bill Evans: The Secret Sessions - Doug Ramsey, pp. 122-134.

Chapter 15: Bill Evans “in” Paris “with” Gene Lees, pp. 135-148.

Chapter 16. Bill Evans – The Sesjun Radio Shows - Steven A. Cerra, pp. 149-153.

Chapter 17. Bill Evans - Piano Player - Steven A. Cerra, pp. 154-156.

Chapter 18. Bill and Buonarroti: Empathy - Steven A. Cerra, pp. 157-159.

Chapter 19. Bassist Eddie Gomez and Drummer Marty Morell with Bill Evans in England, 1969, pp. 160-168.

Chapter 20. Erwin Blumenfeld and Bill Evans - Superimposition and Overdubbing - Steven A. Cerra, pp. 169-177. 

Chapter 21. Who Was Bill Evans? - Richard Terrill, pp. 178-193.

Chapter 22. Exposing The Issues: The Chuck Israels Interview from Randy Smith’s “Talking Jazz,” pp. 194-197.

Chapter 23. Chuck Israels on Bill Evans: An Analysis of Style, pp. 198-203.

Chapter 24. "Pianist Bill Evans and You, Professor" by Jacques Berlinerblau, pp. 204-206.

Chapter 25. Bill Evans: A Critical Appraisal by Larry Kart, pp. 207-214.

Chapter 26. Bill Evans - The 1979 Wayne Enstice - Paul Rubin Interview, pp. 215-224.

Chapter 27. "I Remember Bill" - Don Sebesky's Tribute to Bill Evans by Steven A. Cerra, pp. 225-228.

Chapter 28. Bill Evans: Time Remembered in a book by Peter Pettinger and in a film by Bruce Siegel by Steven A. Cerra, pp. 229-232.

Chapter 29. Times Remembered - The Final Years of the Bill Evans Trio by Joe 

La Barbera and Charles Levin, pp. 233-237.

Chapter 30. Bill Evans: The Len Lyons Interview, pp. 238-246.

EPILOGUE:. The Complete Enrico Pieranunzi on Bill Evans: "Ritratto D'Artista Con Pianoforte/The Pianist As An Artist," pp. 247-303.