Sunday, May 12, 2024

THE DAVE BRUBECK QUARTET - TANGERINE - Featuring Paul Desmond, alto sax

"Paul too was an underestimated player. But time is lending perspective, and in the years since we lost him I have come more and more to admire his brilliance. He plays a solo on Tangerine that is no less than astonishing. His powers of melodic invention seem infinite, his lyricism as always lightened by his wit.

And I am repeatedly astonished at the rhythmic complexity of Dave's playing. Far from being effete, his playing is powerful, driving, complicated, and extraordinarily inventive. Dave said back at the time of that interview that he was anything but a classical player. Indeed, he said his playing was technically wrong. He was inclined to plunge at the piano, rather than sitting there in exquisite control, although he could play with great lyrical delicacy as well. I now realize that if there is one pianist with whom he has a certain something in common, it's Thelonious Monk."
- Gene Lees