Saturday, January 8, 2022

THE GIFT by Monty Alexander

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Over the years, especially during its earliest beginnings, many Jazz musicians were self-taught. Monty Alexander, however, seems to have taken it to another level.

He’s joined by bassist Andrew Simpkins and drummer Frank Gant on the closing video.


Dear Friends,

Somebody up there likes me.

I really don't know any music; I have not attended any music school or jazz academy.

At an early age I had a few piano lessons which I discontinued as I disliked the experience and what was being told to me.

I don't read music and I never had believed or planned that I could have a career with music to earn a living.

Away from only observing others from a distance, my ability to play music on the piano is something I can only call a GIFT given by a benevolent Spirit. To this day I don't understand it. I am grateful for it.

I feel this gift is a spiritual experience combined with my mind harnessing the ideas coming from various sources. My biggest objective and challenge is getting out of my own way. I give my gratitude to the great Giver of gifts because even now, after having had pancreatic cancer and 2 strokes. I am still able to receive the gift of inspiration and play my musical stories in a joyful way.

I have discovered that this Gift has also been something good for others; others have said they have received enjoyment and upliftment and most meaningfully: healing.

Thank you sincerely,

Monty Alexander, CD., D.Litt

New York City. June 2020

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